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You'll want to make sure that your device complies with all relevant laws. We will assess the obligations which apply to your device and make suggestions as to how you can minimise risk and maximise compliance while still delivering a fantastic user experience.

We advise manufacturers of industry-leading "smart home" IoT devices (including cameras and audio-monitoring devices), embedded Internet-connected devices, and advanced multi-function networking equipment.

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Development / manufacturing agreements

If you want a third party to develop or manufacture your hardware for you, you'll need to think carefully about what the agreement should cover. Who owns the copyright or design rights? Who is responsible for testing? What if it infringes someone's patent rights? Do you have exclusive rights to your idea? Get these (and more) closed off properly in a pragmatic development and manufacturing agreement.

Sales / distribution agreements

Who is going to sell your shiny new device? Are you planning on getting it stocked by major retail stores, or through your own website? If you are going to use your own website, you'll probably want to think about the terms of the sales contract, rights to refunds and returns and the like.

If you plan on selling through third parties, you'll want to make sure you have a sound distribution agreement in place, so that you are at least aware of your exposure and risk.

Privacy by design

You will most probably want to design your service in a privacy friendly way, processing as little customer data as possible, using it only for clear, stated purposes, deleting it when you have finished with it, and ensuring that you protect it at all times.

We can help you understand your legal obligations for data handling, including using other companies to process for you, as well as those processing offshore.

Once you have a plan for handling any personal data, we can draw up a suitable privacy policy for you, so that your users know exactly what you are going to be doing with their data.

We can help with traditional privacy policies, and also have ideas about how you might communicate more effectively than just a page of words.

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