Anyone can give you advice. In fact, anyone can give you "legal advice", even without any legal training, qualifications or experience, and plenty of people are willing to take your money to tell you how to comply with the law. It's your business on the line and there are five excellent reasons why you should take a solicitor's advice.

1.) You get advice from legal experts

Anyone can call themselves an "expert". Solicitors have years of legal training, with more exams than you can shake a stick at. If we don't pass certain exams, we don't get to become a solicitor. And that includes passing exams in giving advice.

We are also required to keep up to date on changes in the law, as an enforceable professional requirement, and we are not permitted to give advice in areas outside our expertise.

At, in addition to our solicitors' exams, we both have masters degrees in law, as well as years of practical experience giving legal advice to businesses.

2.) Our advice is backed with insurance

And not just a tiny amount of insurance either: is required to hold at least £3 million professional indemnity insurance cover.

This means that, if we get something wrong, you are not left high and dry.

Obviously, we hope you'll never need it. But what if you do?

(We've seen people offer to advise on the law but accept no legal responsibility, even if they get it wrong. We don't do that either.)

3.) Our advice to you is protected

Legal advice given to you by a solicitor stays between you and them — it is what is called "privileged". This is more than merely confidential (which can be overridden), and reflects your fundamental human right to be open and honest with your solicitor.

Neither of us can legally be forced to reveal our advice to you, and we can only tell others about our advice to you with your express permission, other than in very limited circumstances.

Are your other advisors offering you this protection?

4.) You know who you're dealing with

Anyone can set up a website or a Twitter account. Even setting up a company is easy. With a solicitor, you know exactly who you are trusting to advise your business.

As well as the compulsory criminal records check we have to pass before becoming a solicitor, you can check our records with the Law Society, and check that we don't have a disciplinary history with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

5.) You get professionals with standards

As solicitors, we are members of a profession, with a code of conduct enforced by a regulatory body, and with a dedicated ombudsman for complaints.

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