💷 Fixed fee projects
One project. One price. No hidden "extras".

We want to give you financial certainty, and we think that the best way to do that is for you to say what you want, and we price it up.

If it is a relatively simple piece of work, we can probably agree one price and date for the whole piece of work. For things which are more complicated, we can break it down into stages and agree a price and a delivery date for each stage.

The price that we agree is fixed. No surprises, no hidden "extras".

📅 Flexible retainers
Flexible advice for demanding businesses

For general, on-call, support not linked to one specific project, we offer a retainer basis, billed monthly: you purchase a fixed number of hours per month in advance and just pick up the phone or send us an email when you need advice.

🕐 Per hour worked
Old-fashioned lawyering

Although we would rather not do so, as it doesn't seem very efficient or predictable, we can work on an hourly basis, where we simply bill for the number of hours or parts of hours that we work for you.

Transparent pricing

For fixed fee or lawyer on call work, we tailor our prices to the scope of work we agree with you. We calculate on the basis of £225 plus VAT (currently at 20%) per hour.

(By all means benchmark this against comparable advice from other experienced lawyers — we are confident that we are highly competitive. That's because we have chosen to focus on delivering you high quality legal advice, rather than on renting fancy offices and buying posh biscuits.)

Can I pay with Bitcoin / other digital currency?

At the moment, we don't accept payment by Bitcoin or other similar systems. We've nothing against Bitcoin, but we currently can't pay any of our bills using Bitcoin and we don't want to incur conversion costs. If we find that we can either pay some of our bills in Bitcoin, or minimise or avoid conversion charges, we might consider it in the future.

As solicitors, we have to comply with money laundering rules, so we would only be able to take Bitcoin if you have already paid a bill from an identifiable "normal" bank account.

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