Neil is a specialist senior lawyer, with years of experience advising on communications regulation, privacy, security, and Internet / technology law.

Unlike most lawyers, Neil is as comfortable with the technology as he is with the law, and loves learning how things work and tinkering with software, servers and IP networks and services.


Neil offers pragmatic guidance in a wide range of specialist fields:

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Before starting, Neil was employed by Vodafone for over 10 years, working in both its UK operating company and its central group legal team.

Alongside years of experience advising on both traditional and IP-based communications networks and services, Neil was head of privacy for Vodafone's UK operating company.

He was also Vodafone's primary advisor on cybersecurity, as well as the legal frameworks underpinning obligations to assist law enforcement.


Neil is a former trustee of the Society for Computers and Law, and regularly writes and speaks for the Society. His "Back to Basics: the technology" event, which taught the fundamentals of technology to solicitors, sold out, and received amazing feedback.

Neil is a member of the Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing, the only practising lawyer to be appointed. He has provided ethical advice on a range of scenarios, including to the National Crime Agency on undercover activity in CSE (child sexual exploitation) investigations.

Neil sits on the professional board of leading IT law journal, Computer Law & Security Review, which published his work on the regulation of over the top communications services.

For many years, Neil was a member of the Law Society's Technology and Law Reference Group, through which he provided guidance and advice on a wide range of issues relating to technology and the law.

Writing and speaking

Neil writes regularly, with numerous publications in specialist law journals, and authored a chapter of Oxford University Press's leading work on Free and Open Source software.

He is a sought-after speaker on communications, Internet and IT law matters. He taught a highly-successful communications law course for four years in Washington, D.C. to regulators, government ministers and policy makers. He has lectured in the US, Africa and Europe, and teaches IT and IP law regularly at the University of Southampton to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

His seminars for the Society for Computers and Law have sold out on multiple occasions.


Neil has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law, and was awarded a vice-chancellor's scholarship for doctoral research in communications regulation.

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If you want to see what Neil looks and sounds like, do take a look at his introductory video.

You can also see this Law Society video, featuring Neil talking about how we help businesses.

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