Drawing on our experience of advising on a wide range of Internet-related issues, including connectivity and online services, we are well placed to advise on legal topics relating to the "Metaverse".

What those issues will look like will depend on what you are doing, and where in the "Metaverse" stack you intend to operate.

This is a nascent area, but themes where we can assist are likely to include:

  • data protection and privacy, including privacy by design.

  • surveillance of in-world communications, and increasingly sophisticated and challenging demands from law enforcement and other public authorities.

  • ownership and property rights or quasi property rights in in-world artefacts.

  • defining permitted behaviours and actions in-world, and thinking about how you will (or, indeed, if you will) provide an in-world police force or moderation facility.

  • setting out the terms on which users can access your world, including, perhaps, different terms for those looking to engage in commercial activities.