Neil is happy to act as a mentor to people interested in Internet, telecoms, and tech law (whether you are legally qualified or not), or to others where there's enough of an overlap to make it interesting and rewarding for both of us. (If you are not sure if this means you, ask!)

If this might be of interest, please:

  • read the FAQs below.
  • read our transparency information.
  • get in touch, and:

    • say that you are contacting us about mentoring
    • tell us the kind of things you might be interested in discussing / working through. The more detail you are able to give (within reasonable limits!), the easier is it for Neil to know whether he'd be a good person to offer you what you need. For example, if you can indicate what you'd like of Neil, and what you're looking to do yourself, that would be helpful, as would indications of how often you'd like to engage (in whatever form that takes).

(We have no idea how popular this will be, and it might be pre-emptive to say that we can't promise to take on everyone who asks for mentoring, simply because we are small and busy.)


Can you mentor me if I work for a client?

In many cases, yes, as long as our client agrees. We will not offer mentoring to people who work for a client without our client's consent.

We will need to agree the kind of topics we can talk about with you, bearing in mind the professional and legal obligations we owe to our clients.

Do I have to be / work for a client?


We are happy to consider mentees who do not work for clients, and we can discuss the kind of restrictions on topics of discussion.

In particular, we cannot discuss anything which would cause a conflict with our professional and legal obligations to our clients.

Do I have to be a solicitor, or legally qualified?


What if I'm based outside the UK?

If we can find a sufficient overlap (both in terms of areas of interest, and timezones) to make it work, that's fine.

Is it just Neil?

At the moment, yes.

Do I have to commit to anything?

In a sense, no. If we can mentor you, we can discuss what that looks like, how often we speak, and so on.

And, if it just isn't working for you, we can discuss and see if we can find a better approach, or else call it a day. Similarly, if it isn't working for us, we'll say.

So you're not tied into anything, and neither are we.

That said, in our experience, mentoring works best when both parties - mentor and mentee - get something valuable from the experience. Both of us committing to turn up when agreed, and to listening to each other, and doing things we agree to do, help build that kind of relationship.

Is there a charge for this?


Is it confidential?

We will treat mentoring relationships as confidential, subject to our professional and legal obligations.