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How we can help you

In addition to the services we can offer to providers of telecoms or Internet access services, there are some particular things we can offer if you are running, or looking at running, an Internet, web or cloud-based service.

We have helped online retailers, web and email hosting service providers, major social network providers, "SaaS" providers (both business and consumer facing), and online content sharing platforms.

What our clients say

“Thank you so much as always – this is why I prefer to use you than a 'big law firm'”

Data protection officer, major online retailer

Is my service regulated?

It is not always easy to determine which regulatory obligations apply to which services. We can help you navigate this, to design, deploy and operate a service which meets your commercial objectives and complies with regulatory requirements.

We can also help you engage with regulators to find pragmatic solutions to problems, and Neil has taught representatives of regulators from over 24 countries around the world on issues relating to the regulation over the top communications services.

Service terms

If your service requires a user to agree to some terms before they can use your site or service, let us know, and we can work with you to put something suitable together.

If you, like us, think that no-one reads terms and conditions and just clicks "okay", we can help you get the information across to your users in a clear, concise and engaging manner, without leaving them feeling like they've been hit by a dictionary.

We can also help you with information mandated by law, including information companies are required to show on their websites and business correspondence.

Minimising liability

There are increasing demands for providers, particularly of online storage services, to "do more" to prevent use of their services for infringement of copyright or publication of libellous statements.

We can support you in designing appropriate processes and controls to deal with these issues, as well as advise you on notices or demands received by rightsholders, companies or individuals.

Hosting agreements

You might be planning on running your own web server — we do — but lots of places will offer to host your server for you, taking one more thing off your plate.

You'll want to check that the agreement does what you expect, including what the hosting provider is going to do in a disaster situation, and what levels of service you can expect.

Penetration testing

If you want to have your website tested by a security expert, or want to sell your services as a penetration tester, you will want to ensure that you have a written agreement in place, setting out exactly what is permitted and what, if anything (as this weakens the effectiveness of the testing) is not permitted — this helps avoid disputes later, and protects testers from potential computer misuse offences.

Privacy by design

You will most probably want to design your service in a privacy friendly way, processing as little customer data as possible, using it only for clear, stated purposes, deleting it when you have finished with it, and ensuring that you protect it at all times.

We can help you understand your legal obligations for data handling, including using other companies to process for you, as well as those processing offshore.

Once you have a plan for handling any personal data, we can draw up a suitable privacy policy for you, so that your users know exactly what you are going to be doing with their data.

We can help with traditional privacy policies, and also have ideas about how you might communicate more effectively than just a page of words.

Received a law enforcement demand?

One of the very few lawyers with substantial experience in these areas, Neil can help you deal with demands from law enforcement relating to lawful interception, communications data retention, disclosure notices, decryption orders and other similar matters, as well as advise on strategy and lobbying.

Alongside his practical experience, Neil sits on the Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing, convened by NPCC lead for Communications Data, Assistant Chief Constable Richard Berry.

We are happy to discuss enhanced security requirements.

Warning: If you disclose the existence or contents of a notice or warrant relating to this type of demand, you may commit a criminal offence, so we strongly suggest you take legal advice on your obligations and options before discussing the matter with others in your company, and especially before any discussion or disclosure to third parties or the public.

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