We are a specialist English law firm, helping Internet, telecoms, and technology businesses achieve their commercial goals, and navigate often complex regulatory environments.

We offer pragmatic and actionable advice at a reasonable, predictable price, informed by years of industry experience.

Our clients range from massive "household name" multinationals to tiny start-ups, covering software, hardware and IoT, "cloud" applications, online retail, social platforms, and VoIP, telecoms and Internet services.

What you will get
Actionable advice

We turn law and regulation into actionable advice for businesses. No jargon, no hedging. Just straightforward advice on which you can base your decisions.

Tech-savvy and experienced

We are used to steering companies through tricky issues and helping with cutting-edge technologies. We will happily get to grips with your specific product or service, to give the best advice possible.

Predictable price

Reasonable, predictable prices, fixed in advance where possible, to help you achieve your objectives without costly surprises.

Benefits of a law firm

Anyone can give you "legal advice", without any legal training, qualifications or experience. It's your business on the line and there are five excellent reasons why you should take a solicitor's advice.

Meet the team

decoded.legal is run by Neil and Sandra Brown. Two lawyers used to working in businesses and getting results, with combined experience of over 15 years in company legal teams.


If you want a lawyer who'll understand your business and its technology, you'll want Neil.

Neil has spent years helping design products and operate Internet and communications services. He has considerable experience in privacy and data protection, as well as handling law enforcement demands imposed on communications companies.

With his practical legal experience and his technology knowledge, Neil is very well placed to advise on matters of cybersecurity.

Find out more about Neil.


Sandra is an experienced commercial lawyer, with a focus on giving businesses practical advice on commercial strategy and buying and selling products and services, as well as social media campaigns.

Sandra spent five years working as a lawyer for a global healthcare company, in both the UK and Germany, advising on a broad range of activities.

She has first-hand experience of the pressures faced by commercial organisations, and she enjoys helping businesses achieve their goals in a pragmatic, risk-aware manner.

Find out more about Sandra.

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