and Free / open source software makes extensive use of Free / open source software.

From our desktops (Debian), to our servers (mostly Debian), to our applications and tools (a whole mix), we benefit from a range of amazing pieces of software, all made available under a FOSS licence.

Neil has written up his thoughts on contributing to FOSS projects.

It's hard to work out to which projects we should be contributing, and how / how much, so we are working on the basis that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Financial contributions

As of December 2022, we are back to sporadic donations. Trying to find new projects, accepting donations, on a monthly basis, is simply proving too tricky.

~~As of December 2021, we aim to donate every month to Free / open source projects from which we have benefited. Before then, it was sporadic.~~


  • November 2022: GrapheneOS (hardened mobile operating system)
  • October 2022: LibreOffice (document processing etc software)
  • September 2022: GNOME (desktop environment)
  • August 2022: GParted (graphical partition manager)
  • July 2022: DAVx5 (WebDAV client)
  • May / June 2022: Ukraine donation (we renewed our bitwarden (self-hosted password manager) subscription, but did not otherwise donate to FOSS these months. Instead, we donated to a crowdfunder to help bring three Ukrainian IT law staff to CCLS in London)
  • April 2022: reveal.js (html/css/js presentation tool)
  • March 2022: cryptomator (file encryption tool, for encrypting directories before uploading them to hosting services), dokuwiki (flat file wiki system)
  • February 2022: iredmail (mailserver installer / management scripts), kimai (self-hosted time tracking system), Let's Encrypt (nonprofit certificate authority, making deploying TLS certificates very easy)
  • January 2022: linux-surface (project for supporting Linux on Microsoft Surface devices, including touchscreen/stylus support, detachable keyboard, and cameras)


  • December 2021: dnscrypt (encryption client for DNS), Pi-hole (DNS tool, for network-level filtering and blocking), and unbound (recursive DNS resolver)
  • November 2021: apostrophe (markdown client)
  • October 2021: espanso (text expander)
  • January 2021: WireGuard (vpn server/client)


We have an annual subscription to Bitwarden (password manager), and we have also supported Blink (SIP client) through Apple's App Store, and (file transfer service) via Jules' Amazon wishlist.

Non-financial contributions

When he gets the time, Neil tries to help FOSS project by filing issues, helping other users, and making improvements to documentation.

Neil can also, from time to time, give free English law legal advice, but we limit this because selling legal advice is how we make money!