Our expertise

Telecoms and Internet access

We have many years of experience working in the connectivity and telecoms environment, including mobile and fixed line operations, as well as cloud-based voice service platforms. Whether you need a hand with regulatory compliance, are looking at rolling out a new network, providing a new service, want advice on engaging with a regulator or anything else, do drop us a line.

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Internet, web & cloud

In addition to the services we can offer to providers of telecoms or Internet access services, there are some particular things we can offer if you are running, or looking at running, an Internet, web or cloud-based service.

We have helped online retailers, web and email hosting service providers, major social network providers, "SaaS" providers (both business and consumer facing), and online content sharing platforms.

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Privacy and data protection

Whether you see privacy as a differentiator, or just something which you need to "do right", we can help.

In a world of increasingly complex privacy law, you want someone who knows the legal frameworks inside out and has years of operational experience.

Neil spent several years as head of privacy for the UK operating company of a global communications provider, helping to design cutting edge products and services, as well as being responsible for the privacy rights of almost 20 million communications customers.

Since then, he has helped companies and in-house privacy teams protect the privacy rights of their customers, and meet their legal obligations, across the full spectrum of data protection issues. This has included substantial GDPR implementation activity, helping bring companies up to speed with the new(ish) framework, as well as day-to-day advice and guidance, and operational issues such as handling questions from customers and complaints from the UK's privacy regulator.

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If you've got the idea for the next big app, the last thing you want to do is watch all your hard work fall away because you didn't get the legals right.

We are familiar with app development, and may even be able to understand your source code, so you can be sure that you are getting informed, pragmatic advice.

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IoT & Wearables

You'll want to make sure that your device complies with all relevant laws. We will assess the obligations which apply to your device and make suggestions as to how you can minimise risk and maximise compliance while still delivering a fantastic user experience.

We advise manufacturers of industry-leading "smart home" IoT devices (including cameras and audio-monitoring devices), embedded Internet-connected devices, and advanced multi-function networking equipment.

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If you are operating Internet-connected or otherwise remotely-accessible services or systems, cybersecurity will already be on your risk register. We can help guide you through your legal obligations, and support you in preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

Many lawyers claim to be "cybersecurity" experts — but how many have substantial real-world experience in this area?

Neil was the primary legal advisor to a major communications company’s technology security team, with experience advising on both strategic and operational risks, from network security planning and deployment and security testing strategies through to advice on dealing with in-progress cyberattacks and engaging with law enforcement.

In addition, Neil has acted as a specialist communications lawyer to a NATO cyberwarfare exercise, and he runs the Cybersecurity for Lawyers wiki (also as a Tor onion service).

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