Environmental policy

decoded.legal is a two-person small business, run from our home.

Our environmental impact is inevitably rather limited, compared with law firms with massive offices or with staff who jet around the world, and our environmental measures are commensurately basic.

We cycle and take public transport where practical

We work with most of our clients in a remote manner, and so we don't travel for work that much, especially at the moment.

When we do, we consider the most appropriate way to travel.

For trips to London, that is usually a combination of cycling and trains.

For other locations, it depends on the practicality of public transport and cycling.

We use low power, local servers

We do not use "cloud" computing for our in-house services, except where a client specifically asks us to do so (for example, to access or store documents on a client's Microsoft 365 environment, or to use teams). This means that we keen to a minimum the amount of network traffic which is sent around the world unnecessarily.

We run our infrastructure on Raspberry Pi servers. These are low power, and have a reasonably long life cycle. Once they have reached the end of their working life, if they are still working, they can be reused for other projects very easily.

We shut our computers down when we are not using them

Primarily for information security reasons (i.e. to make the most of full disk encryption), we shut our computers down when we are not using them.

This has the added environmental benefit of not consuming power unnecessarily.

We are a paperless business

We operate, as far as we can, in a paperless manner. We do not print, or use postal services, unless unavoidable - since 2016, we've used perhaps half a ream of paper, at most.

More layers, less heating (when it is cold)

Within reason, we'll put on more layers rather than turn on the heating.

(The side benefit, of course, is that this is cheaper!)