We are required to collect diversity data by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We also publish as much of the data as we feel comfortable publishing, recognising that anonymisation is not going to be effective in a two-person law firm.

Our diversity

  • Sandra is female. Neil is male. Neil is Sandra's husband.
  • 50% of the directors of decoded.legal are women. 50% are men. Neither of us is transgender.
  • Neil has a beard. Sandra doesn't. (Neither having a beard, nor reporting on it, is required by the SRA. Yet.)
  • We are both between 35 and 44. Just. Neil looks like the older one, but actually...
  • Neil prefers vim over emacs.
  • We both went to school, and we have both been to university. (Quite a lot, really: between us, we have an LLB, a BA, a PgDL, two PgDLPs, an LLM, an MA and a now-abandoned PhD.)
  • decoded.legal is "Shibboleet" compliant.