We are required to collect diversity data by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our diversity
  • Sandra is female. Neil is male. Neil is Sandra's husband.
  • 50% of the directors of decoded.legal are female. 50% are male.
  • Neil has a beard. Sandra doesn't. (Neither having a beard, nor reporting on it, is required by the SRA. Yet.)
  • We are both between 35 and 44. Just. Neil looks like the older one, but actually...
  • We both went to school, and we have both been to university. (Quite a lot, really: between us, we have an LLB, a BA, a PgDL, two PgDLPs, an LLM, an MA and a now-abandoned PhD.)
  • decoded.legal is "Shibboleet" compliant.
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