Want a Christmas card?

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Each year, we produce a geeky joke-y tech-y/legal-y Christmas card. If you'd like me to post you a card, just fill in this form with your details. We are in the UK, and happy to post internationally. Read more

Notes on operating fediverse services (Mastodon, Pleroma etc) from an English law point of view

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In this monologue post, I set out an introductory analysis / overview of the English laws which are likely to apply to people in England who operate decentralised fediverse services which implement Read more

Running a law firm on Linux - a year or so in

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About a year ago, I wrote about my experience of running a law firm on Linux, three months in. It was, to be sure, early days. Now I've had the chance to get used to it a bit more, here are some Read more

Proposed new law to ban (some?) computer code in UK company names

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A new bill, the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, proposes to prohibit the inclusion of "computer code" in UK company names. It's only a bill - it is not yet law - but it amused me, so Read more

Jury service (19 - 30 September) and what to expect while I'm away

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This is a post to explain how I will try to help you during my impending two weeks of jury service. Updates 23rd September: I am not needed, so I am free all day for calls/meetings 21st September: Read more

Law and "the metaverse": new(ish) tech, existing principles?

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A friend asked me, a while back, if I would write a few thoughts about law and "the metaverse". Honestly, I've been a bit hesitant about this. I'm not convinced that there's anything particularly Read more

What UK telecoms operators need to know about the UK/USA Data Access Agreement and the US CLOUD Act

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The Home Office announced on 21 July 2022. that UK/USA Data Access Agreement, which sits under the USA's CLOUD Act, will come into force on October 3rd 2022. A draft of the agreement has been Read more

The (limited) impact of the High Court's investigatory powers Liberty ruling on telecommunications operators

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The High Court ruled last week on the latest challenge against parts of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. There's relatively little to note, from a practical point of view, for telecommunications Read more

Emergency video relay and the "999 BSL" service: an update for Internet access providers and telcos

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In June 2021, Ofcom published a statement setting out its decision to require providers of fixed and mobile telephony services and providers of internet access services, to provide, or contract to Read more

"Router freedom": the (qualified) right for users to choose their own terminal equipment

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The Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority has announced that, if a Dutch entity of Vodafone, Vodafone Ziggo, does not act rapidly to ensure that users can select and use their own terminal equipment, Read more