ICO: data sharing code of practice

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The ICO has released its Code of Practice on Data Sharing, under the GDPR / Data Protection Act 2018. For ease of reference, here's the draft version of the Code, on which the ICO consulted. The Code Read more

The UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement and data protection: what you should do now

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I know it's Christmas. And I know I'm supposed to be on holiday. But I also know that some of you have been planning for, or even just worrying about, what you need to do to prepare for the end of Read more

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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It's that time of year when most law firms will run some kind of "Merry Christmas — here's a year in review" blogpost, which is basically a "hey, look at everything we've done this year — you Read more

What could the Telecommunications (Security) Bill mean for ISPs and telcos?

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1 The first draft of the Telecommunications (Security) Bill was published last week. It's only a bill at this point – it's still going through the legislative process — and so may change before Read more

Unpicking the licensing situation for implementing "This is Lenny" on your phone system

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1 If you're familiar with VoIP, and asterisk in particular — and, if you're reading this, there's a reasonable chance that you are — you'll probably be familiar with Lenny. For those who are not, Read more

Ain't no party like a virtual Christmas party

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1 Over the weekend, some enterprising spammer bothered my inbox with a message to say that they were offering "virtual Christmas parties", and that perhaps decoded.legal might like to make a booking Read more

Does displaying Article 61 of Magna Carta exempt me from compliance with Covid rules in England?

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1 Short answer No. Longer answer Nooooooooooooooo. This image is attributed by Wikipedia as being part of the public domain. ↩︎ Read more

Privacy policy or privacy notice?

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1 Occasionally I get asked "should I have a privacy policy or a privacy notice?". And the answer is usually "both" (or, at least, things which have the same effect). If you're not sure what the Read more

Goodwill hunting

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1 The Court of Appeal has published its decision on the meaning of "goodwill" in a contract. Even if you don't use the term "goodwill" in your contracts, this is a useful decision for anyone who Read more

Broadband installation charges: do I have to refund a consumer for these?

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1 Do you provide Internet access services to consumers? Are you worried about consumers asking you to provide the service before the end of the statutory cancellation period, only to then cancel, Read more