Publishing your source code for others to use? Specify a licence, please!

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Warning: Copyright law is broadly harmonised around the world, but, when it comes to permitted uses and exceptions, and, in particular, to "fair use", it is not. So this is the usual reminder that I Read more

Third party requests to exercise data subject rights: quick notes for controllers

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An increasing number of third parties are offering services - typically, by way of a web site or an app - to facilitate data subjects in exercising their rights under the GDPR. Controllers on the Read more

The UK's International Data Transfer Agreement: is this the ICO's worst document yet?

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If you've been involved in transfers of personal data to third countries under the GDPR, you'll probably be familiar with the long-standing standard contract clauses. And you may be familiar with the Read more

Events, exclusion lists, and the UK GDPR

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If you run an event, there is - sadly - a strong chance that you've had to deal with inappropriate behaviour. More and more events have adopted a code of conduct, to set out standards of acceptable Read more

Google Fonts, an IP address, and the GDPR: must I now self-host all my web page resources?

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The Register, and probably other places, are reporting about a Munich court's decision that the use of Google Fonts, hosted on a server operated by Google, led to an infringement of German data Read more

Five points to note in the EDPB's draft guidelines on the right of access under the GDPR

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The European Data Protection Board has published draft guidelines on the right of access, for consultation. These are draft guidelines, and so they may change before they are made official. To save Read more

Ofcom's General Conditions of Entitlement: an update, with important changes

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In December 2021, Ofcom published an updated (unofficial) consolidated version of the General Conditions of Entitlement. Ofcom describes the changes as: Changes to A2, A3, A4, B2, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, Read more

Telecommunications Security Act 2021: a quick update

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I have written before about the Telecommunications Security Bill, as it was going through Parliament: What could the Telecommunications (Security) Bill mean for ISPs and telcos? Telecoms Security Read more

Don't let cold calling get you into hot water

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The ICO has fined a company £75,000 for unlawful marketing. Nothing particularly surprising there, as the ICO does it all the time, but this particular decision is an unusual one: it is a fine Read more

Internet, telecoms, and tech law predictions for 2022

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Things I predict will happen in 2022: Telecoms companies, Internet service providers, and device manufacturers will start to get to grips with new government security requirements, in some cases Read more