Does displaying Article 61 of Magna Carta exempt me from compliance with Covid rules in England?

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1 Short answer No. Longer answer Nooooooooooooooo. This image is attributed by Wikipedia as being part of the public domain. ↩︎ Read more

Privacy policy or privacy notice?

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1 Occasionally I get asked "should I have a privacy policy or a privacy notice?". And the answer is usually "both". If you're not sure what the difference is, or whether you've got the right things Read more

Goodwill hunting

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1 The Court of Appeal has published its decision on the meaning of "goodwill" in a contract. Even if you don't use the term "goodwill" in your contracts, this is a useful decision for anyone who Read more

Broadband installation charges: do I have to refund a consumer for these?

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1 Do you provide Internet access services to consumers? Are you worried about consumers asking you to provide the service before the end of the statutory cancellation period, only to then cancel, Read more

Audio porn and plain English consensual contracts

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1 The legal Twitterverse has been alive this week with discussions of a tweet by Kanye West about the value of plain English contract drafting. He said: We need Plain English contracts. A Lawyers Read more

The end of zero rating?

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1 The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled in its first case on the interpretation of the EU's "open Internet" regulation — known by some as the "net neutrality" framework. The Court Read more

(Cyber)Flash A-Ah!

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1 CW/TW: unsolicited sexual images The Law Commission has published proposals to better protect victims from harmful online behaviour including abusive messages or emails, cyberflashing, and pile-on Read more

Combatting child sexual abuse imagery: a proposed exemption to the EU's ePrivacy rules

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1 The European Commission has published a proposal for a regulation which, if passed, would provide a time-limited and very constrained exemption to the rules set out in the ePrivacy framework, which Read more

Targeted social media ads: new guidance on doing it lawfully

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1 The European Data Protection Board has published draft guidelines, for feedback, on targeting of social media users. If you use targeting features offered by social media platforms, it's worth Read more

Does size matter? And how does a communications provider know how big you are?

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1 There are just a few more days to run on Ofcom's consulation on revised proposals for definitions of a few key terms in the UK's implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code Read more