Online harms and the role of intermediaries as enforcers

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1 In my last blog post, I commented on the UK government's current proposals to impose obligations on a hugely broad range of online actors, thanks to the proposals' extra-territorial scope. This Read more

"Online harms": an extra-territorial over-reach?

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1 tl;dr Without changing the very essence of the services they provide, it would be close to impossible for any service provider, anywhere in the world, which permits the posting of user-generated Read more

The law firm and the Streisand Effect

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1 tl;dr A former client left one negative review of a law firm. The law firm sued. The court held the review was defamatory, and ordered it to be removed. The court's judgment was published, and the Read more

EncroChat, targeted equipment interference, and the Court of Appeal

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This is a quick comment on the Court of Appeal's judgment in the case of A and Ors, R v, relating to EncroChat. It is a comment on the judgment, and the way in which the Court applied the rules under Read more

Telecoms Security Bill: draft specific obligations for ISPs and telcos

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I wrote last year about the Telecoms Security Bill. The bill, if passed, would be a significant change to the security obligations imposed on provides of electronic communications networks and Read more

The territorial scope of the GDPR, as applied by the High Court

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1 This week saw what is, I believe, the first English judgment dealing with the territorial scope of the GDPR. This blogpost is a reminder of the rules on "territorial scope", and weaves in the High Read more

Alternatives to using genuine phone numbers, IP addresses, domain names and email addresses in your training and documentation

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If you are preparing training or guidance, showcasing your product or service, or giving code samples, you'll often want example data, such as a phone number, email address, or National Insurance. (I Read more

Four legal tips to keep your business running smoothly in 2021

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1 The pandemic is getting worse, democracy in the USA seems to have collapsed, and if you have to say "you're still on mute" one more time, you'll explode. And it's only the 11th of January. Here are Read more is five years old today!

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1 Can you believe it? I can't. first opened its (virtual) doors to clients five years ago today! Doing what we do, well ... We set out with simple objective: to run a tech-savvy virtual Read more

ICO: data sharing code of practice

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The ICO has released its Code of Practice on Data Sharing, under the GDPR / Data Protection Act 2018. For ease of reference, here's the draft version of the Code, on which the ICO consulted. The Code Read more