Tech law predictions for 2073

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The wonderful Society for Computers and Law is 50 this year, and it is producing a book of predictions of what tech law will look like in 50 years' time. Here is my small contribution: In 50 years Read more

Ofcom investigates broadband providers for failing to implement simpler switching

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First, my apologies: I haven't blogged here for a while. Work has been busy and, well, I've spent far too much time blogging about Linux-related stuff on my personal blog. But anyway. Readers may Read more

Changes to the Legal Ombudsman's complaints procedure

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The Legal Ombudsman is changing its timescales for considering complaints. I've updated our complaints policy, which I hope you will never need. The new rules apply from 1st April 2023. The key Read more

"Quick, easy and reliable switching": changes coming to Ofcom's General Conditions on 3 April 2023

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If you run a telco or ISP - fixed or mobile - make sure you're aware of the imminent changes to Ofcom's General Conditions, around switching (customers moving from one provider to another). Ofcom has Read more

There is no copyright in a file format ... unless there is

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There's a lot of litigation around Bitcoin at the moment, on a number of different fronts. The litigation around the purported fiduciary duty of developers is interesting, but for another day. Today, Read more

The ICO and breach reporting under Reg 5A PECR: take two

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A couple of weeks ago, the ICO published a statement saying that it had "decided to stop enforcing personal data breach reports made under Regulation 5A." Even if the intent behind it was meant well, Read more

The ICO, breach reporting under Reg 5A PECR, and muddy (muddier?) waters

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Update: the ICO has simplified its statement (full text of which is at the end of this post), which now reads "The page you requested was removed.". The ICO has announced a "change to regulation Read more

Can ISPs, telcos, and tech companies "lobby"?

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This is a slightly unusual one for a blog on which I normally cover solely Internet, tech, and telecoms issues. But there is a link! A friend asked me a while back whether, if they emailed their MP Read more

Want a Christmas card?

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Each year, we produce a geeky joke-y tech-y/legal-y Christmas card. If you'd like me to post you a card, just fill in this form with your details. We are in the UK, and happy to post internationally. Read more

Notes on operating fediverse services (Mastodon, Pleroma etc) from an English law point of view

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In this monologue post, I set out an introductory analysis / overview of the English laws which are likely to apply to people in England who operate decentralised fediverse services which implement Read more