Why do you have a blockchain?

Doesn't everyone?

Sure, much of what is written about blockchain seems to us to be a solution in search of a problem, and a very environmentally-unfriendly solution at that.

But we do like to understand the technology we advise on, and the basics of a blockchain are pretty simple, so we implemented one.

No, really?

Yes! We have a blockchain.

Okay, to you and me, it looks like a bash script and a cronjob, but it definitely comprises a chain of blocks, with each block containing a hash of the previous block.

As it's a private blockchain with no consensus protocol, it is completely vulnerable to us re-writing the data in each earlier block and re-calculating the hashes throughout. Computationally, it would be trivial. But it is still a blockchain!.

What does it do?

Nothing important. It was written for the fun of it, rather than for any actually-useful purpose.

The contents are each day's billing records, theoretically preventing them from being tampered with. But, despite being a "blockchain" by any reasonable definition, it's really not that useful, as it is not, in fact, immutable. (Don't worry; we use the same level of security as we do for the records in our time-recording system.)

You're not taking this very seriously


But we have a blockchain.

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