Privacy warning!

We are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to display a "digital badge", to prove that we are a genuine law firm.

Leaving aside the question as to whether this is actually effective in terms of achieving that outcome, the method for implementing the badge requires us to embed content from a third party site into our page.

This concerns us, for three reasons.

  • First, it means that the IP address of anyone who visits our site and loads the badge — you! — gets sent to this third party. We don't think that someone getting a list of every possible client of a law firm is a good idea, even if they promise not to use it.
  • Second, it means that, if that third party gets compromised, and starts serving malware (e.g. coin mining scripts), there is the possibility of infecting any client or potential client who visits a law firm website.
  • Third, the current mechanism includes Google Analytics, which is a tracking tool. As the law requires that tools such as this are used only with your consent, embedding them in a mandatory battery seems inconsistent with the protections this law is designed to afford.

There is neither a data processing agreement in place between us and either Google or the badge provider (if either is our processor), nor a joint controllership arrangement, if we are acting as joint controllers.

We are also concerned that we have no control over what any third party might do with information received.

Our recommendation

Our recommendation is that, if you are not comfortable with whether we are a law firm or not, you do not use us for your legal advice.

You have to be able to trust your lawyers and we do not think that a "digital badge" is a sufficiently strong basis for informing such a decision, especially given how easy it is up to put up a fake badge. If you are hesitant, please, find a lawyer you do trust.

We used to recommend visiting the badge page below via Tor, to avoid sharing your actual IP address. Unfortunately, because of the way the badge works, viewing it over Tor does not work.

View our badge

If you are happy with these risks and appreciate that, by clicking this link, you will be sharing your IP address with at least one third party, and that you will sending data to Google Analytics, you can view our actual digital badge by clicking here.