We want to make our services available to you.

We don't like the term "reasonable adjustments". We don't want to help because it's a legal requirement to do so; we want to help because you deserve the same standard of legal advice as anyone else, and we want to look after our clients!

We are not just talking about supporting clients with disabilities either. Perhaps you have child care or other carer responsibilities which make "normal office hours" calls difficult for you? Or maybe you prefer emacs over vim. Let us know, and we'll do our best to help.

We are a small law firm, and that has its pros and cons. We can act nimbly, and we do not have layers of bureaucracy impeding us from helping you. We're also tech savvy. The main downside is that we don't have the same resources as a larger firm, but we promise to try.

Please, just ask.

Prefer text?

We typically deliver our advice in text format. Usually that’s (encrypted, ideally) email, or else as a PDF. Working drafts tend to be either Word format, or Pages if you are a macOS user.

Our default font for PDFs is MonoRale. If you prefer a different font, or like a certain font size, just say. This isn't supported by all our systems — including our invoicing system — but we'll do what we can to get you what you need in a format which works for you.

Prefer audio or video?

We typically deliver our advice in text format which, we hope, should be screen reader friendly.

We're happy to speak on the phone, and we also have a video conference system which works through most (but not all) modern web browsers.

We record phone calls (whether addressed by SIP URI or phone number) and we can give you a copy, if this helps with recollection or the like. Please tell us before or during the call that you want a copy; we don't keep recordings unless we need them so, if you tell us after a call has ended, there's a good chance we will have deleted that recording irrecoverably. We don't record video conferences.

"Dark mode" website?

If this website is a bit bright for you, change your operating system to "dark mode" (if it supports it). Our site should change automatically.

Prefer less usual hours?

We don't work 24/7 (although sometimes it feels like we do) but, if you have a preference for an early morning call, or an evening call (perhaps you've got carer responsibilities, or need to put your children to bed), let us know, and we'll try to find a time that fits.

Meeting us

We're typically a remote, digital law firm, meeting with you virtually rather than in person.

We are, of course, happy to meet in person if you want (but note that we charge travel time, so do factor that in!). We do not have offices you can visit, as that's part of our way of keeping our prices down, so we're happy to visit your offices, or meet somewhere convenient.

We know different people need, or just prefer, different things. Perhaps step-free access, or lower tables, or a certain environment. If we're picking the meeting place, just let us know what you need. We'll probably send some options, for you to pick the one which best suits you. If you know somewhere which works for you, please do tell us.

We also appreciate that you may have concerns about meeting a (male, if it's Neil) stranger, especially one on one. If you are happy with the implications of having someone else hear whatever you want to discuss with us, and hearing the advice we give you, you're welcome to bring someone with you. We'll typically meet in public but quiet places, but if you'd be more comfortable somewhere with more people around (and accept that they might overhear our discussion), that's fine with us.

Don't have a passport or driving licence?

We have legal obligations to verify the identity of clients. This is because of concerns about money laundering and terrorism funding.

We appreciate that not everyone has a passport or driving licence — they cost money, and are typically only needed if you can afford to drive or travel. If you do not have either of these, we'll try (and the emphasis here is "try", we're afraid) to find a suitable way of verifying your identity.

Because this is a legal obligation, and because we have absolutely no desire to facilitate money laundering or terrorism funding, this may make the onboarding process rather more painful.

While we will try, ultimately, if we cannot be satisfied of your identity to the standard we think is necessary for the scope of work, we are legally prevented from acting for you.

We're happy to learn

We don't know what you need. You do. We're happy to be guided by you, and we'll do our best to help.

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