Internet, telecoms, and tech law


We are a tech-savvy virtual English law firm, helping Internet, telecoms, and technology businesses achieve their commercial goals, and navigate often complex regulatory environments, in a pragmatic, risk-aware manner.

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Our clients range from massive "household name" multinationals to tiny start-ups, covering software, hardware and IoT, "cloud" applications, online retail, social platforms, and VoIP, telecoms and Internet services. Whatever size, scale, or tech field you are in, you'll get a warm, enthusiastic welcome.

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What our clients say

Senior lawyer, IoT company:

"unfathomable patience and a real knack for interpreting and explaining complex technical issues"

Chief Privacy Officer, FTSE 100 brand:

"[your] business understanding is one of the reasons why you are my favourite external lawyer of all time"

Head of Legal, major energy company:

"you have been amazing. I don’t think there are words expressive enough to convey my appreciation!”

CFO, Barristers' chambers in London:

"That is outstanding, exactly what we are looking for! Thank you once again for your excellent advice"

Technical lead, UK anti-fraud organisation:

"you nailed it ... hugely impactful ... thank you for all your great work"

Executive team, legal sector:

"Well done Neil. Your advice was spot on. ... Your assistance was invaluable."

What you get

Actionable advice

We turn law and regulation into actionable advice for businesses.

No jargon, no hedging. Just straightforward advice on which you can base your decisions.


We are used to steering companies through tricky issues and helping with cutting-edge technologies.

We will happily get to grips with your specific product or service, to give the best advice possible.

Flexible pricing

We offer reasonable, predictable prices, to help you achieve your objectives without costly surprises.

We offer fixed fees, monthly subscriptions, and per-hour options.

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